Systema Massage

Systema Massage is a unique method of body-work, derived from techniques of Russian origin, both military and traditional. To deliver appropriate and deep pressure to the soft-tissues of the client’s body, the masseur relies on body-weight for controlled power and impacts.


Your ability to deeply release nervous tension through Systema Massage is unmatched compared to many contemporary methods of bodywork and massage. This massage is best for releasing psychological tensions at times of high stress, it can serve as a reliable way to become grounded in for those who struggle with PTSD or other anxious/ depressive emotional conditions. The client will receive greatly enhanced benefits if they learn proper Systema Breathing. Otherwise the massage can still be therapeutic, but not to any comparable degree. Very substantial discounts are given to already practicing students of Systema for this reason.

You are encouraged to pursue Systema Training Classes to go along with regular massage for an ultimate release of your physical and psychological tensions!