Choosing a Martial Arts class is not easy. With so many styles to choose from, how can you know which method will enable you to reach your goals? From Karate and Kickboxing, to Aikido and Kung-Fu, and still there is Ju-Jitsu and even Krav Maga…



All of these styles deliver effective ways to respond to a nearly limitless number of attacks. But do they have the ability to make you the best version of yourself? Will these styles enable you to strike someone honestly when you need to protect yourself? Will you actually grab your friend and pull them away from danger?


At the time of need, will you respond naturally?

How will you handle your fear?


Systema has a very unique skill-set to offer. You will learn how to respond naturally, escaping smoothly from attacks, or striking elusively with hidden power… above all through Breathing we will study our fear. Until you have experienced Systema, it’s very hard to understand this essential aspect.

We will do ground-work and wrestling (including the use of chokes, strangles, and joint-locks) to help explore inner movements, and we will also do lots of work on our feet to understand distance, grabs, and striking. There will always be a work-out to condition our strength and endurance. And we will do lots of falling and rolling, to keep our agility high, and keep our bodies durable. Finally, we will also do massage (tough, not like a spa) and breath-work, to release tension and learn control.


Another special drill that we will practice is quite particular to Systema. This is taking strikes onto one another, particularly striking a person in the solar plexus while standing relaxed. We practice hitting each other on soft areas of the body to release tension, control impacts, and also to understand the relationship between precision and power of our strikes. The most important lesson in taking strikes is how it teaches you to breathe properly! You will learn how to heal yourself from impacts and pain. This is a very very important drill to do with each other for strength of character, and also for courage; these could arguably be called  ‘healing punches.’


Often it is overlooked in Martial Arts training, the importance of understanding ‘the other’. If you can tune your senses to know when a person will attack, you have likely already succeeded in protecting yourself. The danger is in our unawareness, when it is already too late – that is when you will be hit, and when you can find yourself in trouble.


Our essential goal is to get rid of our needless fear and tension, and learn to be authentic in our strikes, escapes, and control of the situation. Breathing is the conduit through which we will be exploring ourselves and our nature towards each other. There’s a reason why the new HQ Systema shirts say ‘Hit Different’ – because it’s true.


We train every week on Wednesday 6:00pm to 7:30pm at 142 Waterloo Street, Waterloo.


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